No one can play his role

You are...
Just apart of the day
Last time of the night 
                      Water in the desert
                      Diamond in my eye
Your voice...
Fingers on a guitar
Touch on my earmark
                       Sounds of the greatness
                       Devotion on every single light
Your hands...
Rhyme in my body
Destination of my heart
                          Knot between feels
                          A legacy from my start
And Me...
A portrait without praise
A flower without raise
                           Harder for everyone
                           Life like without grace
You and Me...
A time which spends in the ocean
Smiles when waves meet their edge
                          Drops during raining days
                          Happiness after the holidays

No one can play his role
Though I m out of his control
Make a tune as same Playback songs
Who cares about the ocean and purity of shores

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