No one can play his role

You are....
Just apart of the day
Last time of the night 
                      Water in the desert
                      Diamond in my eye
Your voice....
Fingers on a guitar
Touch on my earmark
                       Sounds of the greatness
                       Devotion on every single light
Your hands....
Rhyme in my body
Destination of my heart
                          Knot between feels
                          Legacy from my start
And Me...
A portrait without praise
A flower without raise
                           Harder for everyone
                           Life like without grace
You and Me....
A time which spend in the ocean
Smiles when waves meet their edge
                          Drops during raining days
                          Happiness after the holidays

No one can play his role
Though I m out of his control
Make a tune as same Playback songs
Who cares about ocean and purity of shores

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