A 100 years of curse (Part 2)

People thank God to teach him a lesson
King's body full of blood, his wife had murdered by his son
Son of a black king has occupied father's throne
He's been excluded from his empire by his son

influence of his curse went on spreading badly
Farm, rivers & nature every edge of kingdom looked deadly
He has curl dirty hair, cuts, bloody pimples with weak legs
Slowly slowly.. not only a black king but also his empire went in the lap of death

he's tired of all pains, Cried in a corner seems insane
kingdom goes in the dark, his beloved bothered him no ways for Sparks
It's Time to begging for forgiveness at last

He's been there where he got that curse
Asked sky & villagers where's that little girl,
"Don't make situation worst please look at ones"

To be continued...

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