A 100 years of curse (Part 3)

A man came to him & told him that girl's place
King ran alone after her trace
He cried & shout her name
She came out of a small cottage

He asked for mercy, as well as relief from this pain
The girl looked at him & speak with sadness
"I can't stop curse effect, Still trying to let it less
You have to do a good work then I can give you death"

A good work!! he understood God's plan
King was an executioner, every person died with his hand
He didn't allow their funeral, so he gathered with his men
Collect all dead bodies and cremated them

In the end... The little girl allowed his soul to the death
After his death king's son behaved well
Garden, rivers & Nature got their colour back
Once again a kingdom saved from Havoc
Subjects blossomed under God's graciousness.