A 100 years of curse (Part 1)

Story of a black king, angry so ain't going 
Trust on ally envy for all sea since
Depth of wits softness of leaf
Threatens people for no sins

Once upon a time, he hunters with knights
I remember that was Eclipse night
He's ready for conquering one side
Sudden he saw a beautiful kite

Who's controlling this kite? thinking all knights
A little girl playing wasn't seeing cowardice
Black king said you gonna die...

Girl's glance on him with shine
Black King understood she's divine
But before he says anything
The girl cursed him for hundred years rewind

As he's looking back in life as he can descry their pain
His people scoop his veins So that he ruin no more innocence
Then little girl flies with her kite, everyone looks at the sky because 
Now cause of her purity, the earth will lose in death & dry
To be continued.....