I'm standing like a statue, come & get me through,
Consistency of pain drag me into you
Come here I'm waiting for you,
 I'm standing like a statue

Making worse of circumstance, I hope you were looking at me,
I'm not the only one who tolerate these things
Just praying for you, show me the way get over through...

I m feeling blue, hold me if you think I am somebody to you,
I'm leaning & slowly breaking towards the red sunset stoop
I m Standing like a statue

 where sheds on grassroots,  I'm spellbound tongue got shoot,
My feets looking for place, hug me like you are my Home
Still I'm standing like a statue

In the dark room you're the shine, when I was finding you, why weren't you mine?
Tell me what's my fault, you left me in that room?

You touched me, & filled me with colourful cheer
Should I have not feelings for you? I don't wanna become again that aloof
please Look at this statue, I m heartless statue

Let me ask from our hearts, may be they wanna least
But time changes at every stop
our friendship should be at the Top
You melt this statue, it's happy I used to be with you🌺

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