I m walking with my shadow at night
A light comes behind a tree
My feet follow it, but fear remains that time

I can touch this is mine, 
Sounds of animals crying, just trying to make me stop
Still, I ran after that light at the horrible night

The willingness of mine wanna touch the bright
Suddenly! Birds are louder than my life
Why everyone keeps me away from that light

Slowly slowly...
I am taking my steps further
It just one stone far from me when I saw harder
There was you..!! Again sounds of the jungle
Goes in silence like before a thunder

Though I saw you as like you never be kind
& thousands of questions wandered in my mind
You asked me for making this world
As well as stopped me for chasing this one

 Now... Everything is up to me, Decision is mine
You taught me A shinning lesson which was dragging me towards that light

I will never dare to walk again in a forest
At terrible Night
Love nightmares are everywhere, 
Take Care of your Heart & Life