I was a girl, who trapped in love first sight
I was a girl, who believed that boy loved me like
            It's just straightway to heaven
            When I was thinking I'm the one who's chosen

But who knew, everything was fake
And that boy left me in a lake
           I was the girl, who wanna find a man
           I was the girl, who just needed a Chance

Some days back, when I met
A boy, who's paglet
Whether he's my best friend
           Or he will be my life

I was a girl, who didn't want anyone
Now I wanna give chances more
           He's like me She's broken his heart
But I want to heal it, just want to follow his path

He touches my heart like same
But why he ever calls her name
Without letting me know what's his pain

What can I do for him
To let him out of this sin
           I wanna be his one

Again I am in love first sight
Again I will sink with this light.❣️